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LG 1-5
ले.गी. १-५
Nitai Kirtan
Nitai Birth
Nitai Chalisa
SP on Nitai
BR Sridhar
NM on Nitai
108 Names
200% Prem
PN Madman
Prem Pujari
Krishna Bhakti
परम Bliss
सुन्दर Lala
मैं Alone हूँ
Golden Trio
Last Breath
Life’s Priority
Madhai Prays 2
Stop Harinam?
My Gurudeva
As Ananga
Bhakti Wasted?
End Nescience
Why PremiiNitai
PNitai Kirtan
Tapt Kanchan
Madhai Prays
Harinam Nishta
Nitai is Avatari
Nitai is Bhagwan
Harinam Japa
Cupid Beauty
Goddess Radha
Relish Harinam
Slow Harinam
Nitai Gaur Nam
Sobbing Cries
My Only Hope
Lekhan Anxiety
PremiiNitai das
Belong to Him
Master’s Lord
Nitai Priyam
Akrodha Kirtan
Nam Sambandh
Grab Harinam
Gaur Mahima
Kirtan vs Tirthas
Kirtan Prayers
Nam to Lila
Japa Method
मेरे प्रभु के प्रभु
मैं उनका हूँ


Nityananda Ch
CB Adi
CB Madhya
CB Antya
CB Full
N. Dham M.
Nitai Mahima
Divine Name


No Ashrams
Writing Imp
Name vs Deity
Senses & Bliss
Upamshu Japa
Best Means
True Disciple
Mataji Guru
No Taste
Nishth Guru
Guru & Nitai
Nitai’s Glance
Vrndavan das
Gaur Very High
Stop Misery
Relish Nam
Na Bolilo
Doubts: Nitai
Sanyas Guru
No Neglect
Why Nitai?
Nitai Worship
No Forgiving
Nitai Manjari
Banka Raya
Nitai Nishtha
Kali’s Means
Serve Family
Gaur Harinam
Radha Dasya
Kamal Manjari
Radha Ashraya
9 Manjaris
Gaur Tattva
Radha Kund
Radha Kripa
निताइ नित्यपाठ
मेरे प्रभु के प्रभु
मैं निताइ का हूँ
Lekhan Deity
I am Nitai’s
Grand Master
Lekhan Rasas
Last Life
Nitai’s Worry
Touch is Love
How to Write
Sun and Key
Krsna & Nitai
Nitaibhakti Proof
Nitainam Proof
Why Nitai?
Gaur Kirtan
Nitai Gaur Nam
Gaur in Vedas
Narayan Mhj
Sridhar Mhj
Nitai in Vedas
Lekhan Proof
Flute’s Sound
Akrodha Song
Pure Harinam
Stop Defeat
Kirtanmoy Japa
Kirtan Mahima
Nam to Lila
Nitai Lila Proof
Nam Prayers
Gaur Glories
Kirtan vs Tirtha
Smaran Blocks
Grab Harinam
Kirtan Highest
Slow Harinam
Always Think
Flute Sphurti
Sudden Death
Japa Tips
How to Chant?

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Hare Krishna Maha Mantra
Pancha Tattva Mantra
Daily Sadhana
Nityananda Bhakti
Meaning of PremiiNitai
Nityananda Lila Proof
नित्यानन्द भक्ति

Bhaktiratna Sadhu puts Janu Kund water tilaka in his videos. He received the white paramhansa vesha in our own Gaudiya Matha itself from Srila Bhaktipramod Puri Maharaj’s paramhansa disciple Srila Nitya Krishna das babaji in Mayapur. His facial expressions are due to his genuine internal remembrances of Bhakti Yoga. He has never consumed any intoxicants, drugs, or non-veg foods from his birth.

His diksha-guru is Srila Bhaktishastri Parampada das Maharaj. His shiksha-guru is Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. His sannyasa-guru is Srila Bhaktikumud Sant Goswami. All three of them are godbrothers and direct disciples of his parama-gurudeva Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada.

Bhaktiratna Sadhu is a soul-Stirring Bhakti Yoga Speaker, Kirtaniya, and Master in the science of Hare Krishna Siddhi by Nityananda Bhakti for many decades. He has practiced 30 years of brahmacharya, 19 years of sannyasa, and 17 years of all-dhams-vasa. He is a Grand-disciple of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta, The realized sounds of Bhaktiratna Sadhu move everyone who hear them from the very core of their souls.

His Main Teaching is: Manifest Gaura Radha Krishna’s form in Harinam Japa & Kirtan by Nityananda Bhakti which is primarily practiced by (1) Gunjan of “PremiiNitai” Nam, (2) Vayulekhan of “निताइ”, (3) Kirtan/Shravan/Pathan of PremiiNitai Lila, and (4) Sharing of PremiiNitai’s love to new souls.

Brahmacharya (1971-2001)

1971-1989: Kirtan and Tirtha Yatras With Parents.

1989: Chaitanya Charitamrita Reading in University.

1989-2001: Laksha Nam, Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu, Shastra Distribution Glories. Gave Thousands of Daily Kathas in Temple, Sony TV, Ashram, etc. Published and Distributed Millions of Vedic Books.

Parivrakacharya Sannyasa (2001-2018)

2001: Hare Krishna Maha Mantra and Laksha Nam Sadhana.

2002: Nityananda Gauranga Nam & Puri Dham Vasa.

2003: Gauranga Bhakti and Gauranga Nam Glories.

2004: Navadvipa Dham Vasa and Glories.

2005: Jagannatha Puri Dham Vasa and Glories.

2006-2012: Chaitanya Bhagavata, Kirtan & Pancha Tattva Glories.

2013: Radha Kund Dham Vasa and Glories.

2014: Radha Kund Bhakti Glories.

2015: Nityananda Namlekhan Glories.

2016: Nityananda Bhakti Glories.

2017: Ekachakra Dham Vasa and Glories

Paramhansa Sannyasa (2018 Onwards)

2018: Nityananda Lila Shravan Kirtan Glories

2019 Onwards: Jiva Doya by Nityananda Prema Dana

Our Hare Krishna Siddhi by Nityananda Bhakti Community is not a cult. Bhaktiratna Sadhu is a very simple, humble, transparent, and a non-imposing Guru who does not promote his own worship or superiority over anyone. He is an equal friend to all. Nor does he initiate disciples in a hurry or involve himself in travelling, fund-raising, contruction, management, etc. His primary interest is to freely share long-lasting and realized writings, videos, audios. slides, and ebooks on Bhakti Yoga and Kirtan Yoga online for one and all. He does it with the help of the voluntary support he receives from you all.

He sleeps on a wooden bed and eats simple oats once a day. He does not hoard money but uses it all to share transcendental sound to millions online. He does not involve himself in the construction and management of huge projects or ashrams which are prone to misuse, abuse, and politics. He does not encourage anyone to leave everything and come to him. He believes everyone can stay wherever they are and advance very rapidly in Hare Krishna Siddhi simply by hearing the transcendental sounds of Nityananda Bhakti.

Anyone can study Bhaktiratna Sadhu’s vani online and implement it in their lives if they want. He is not attached to getting or losing disciples and donations. He gives Harinam Diksha only after knowing the keenly interested disciple for at least five years. He does not re-initiate disciples of others bona-fide Gurus who are in good standing. Because he is not greedy for fame, following, control, and money. He is not interested in wasting money by travelling around the world in the name of “prachar” especially in this age of the internet when the transcendental sound vibrations can be delivered to millions of souls online. He is not interested in starting any construction projects just for the sake of raising funds.

Bhaktiratna Sadhu meets devotees in person only a few times in a year and by prior scheduling only. He prefers to peacefully produce realized ever-lasting vani for the future generations. This vani can reach even to those who will never meet him in person (vapu). He believes more in giving his vani-sanga online than his easily forgotten vapu-sanga by personal meeting. He does not meet matajis alone in private, without other devotees present, due to his utmost respect for all mataji devotees. He has never had a female secretary nor does he touch or hug matajis or his spiritual daughters even in public. He never accepts personal massages or intimate personal services even from male devotees what to speak of matajis.

Email us if by mistake we have used images which are coyrighted by you and if you don’t want us to use them. We will remove them immediately. It is practically impossible for us to know who is the artist behind every Bhakti image which is freely shared on other websites. Thus we can’t give proper attribution. We greatly apologize for that. ⚠️ Disclaimer 🔒 Privacy Policy